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Curtis Barnes Has Been Officially Awarded The Title Of "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" In Portland Oregon After Asking Mobile Marketing Consultants In A Web Opinion Poll.  (Newswire.net -- July 18th, 2013) Portland, Oregon - Curtis Barnes Was Just Officially Awarded The Title Of Portland's "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant"  The feedback of a new online survey by which responders were asked to recognize "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" produced what some surely suggest was a extremely expected end result, business man and well known mobile marketing expert Curtis Barnes was picked above any other recognized name in Portland.   The survey and subsequently, the designation of "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" was setup quickly after an rigorous debate started about just who exactly in Portland would really be able to claim that distinction. In an effort to maintain the poll impartial to all locals, the ballot was created on-line and the winner was identified by mobile marketing experts themselves.  Immediately following launching the survey, there seemed to be a strong contest for the distinction of "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant", but after the results were tallied, there was a obvious and indisputable recipient of the desired title. As soon as the opinion poll ended, Curtis Barnes was announced as the acknowledged "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" for Portland, Oregon.   Local residents asked about the survey appeared to have split responses to Curtis Barnes's making a claim of the disputed title, varying from utter disbelief that one person could be so well liked, to complete agreement over the selection marketing peers had made.  Mr. Barnes was most likely identified as "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" by locals in large part attributed to the hard work Curtis has produced for local area companies marketing and advertising strategies. As a acknowledged marketing and pr consultant that specializes on business owners web-based presence and promotion techniques, making claim of the official title was not stunning to a larger bulk of those who participated.  After the results were in, Curtis Barnes was quoted as saying "To be honest, I just didn't even know that there was a poll being carried out at all. I'm surprised that many folks know my name"!   Curtis Barnes was also mentioned saying "I work hard on my ventures, and am genuinely delighted about what I have taking place in 2013. Hearing that people here in Portland have actually identified me as "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" is not merely an honor, it's also a privilege. Thank you very much to all marketing peers and agencies that took part in the vote".   Curtis Barnes can be reached at the business by phone at 503-724-5373  ###  Brand U Mobile PO Box 522 Beaverton Oregon 97075  Media Contact: Curtis Barnes Email: curtis@brandumobile.com Phone: 503-724-5373 Site: http://brandumobile.comCheck out our extensive mobile marketing services designed to bring you clients and increase your profit.

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